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Posted by sibu on March 10, 2009

edquota: “Can’t write quota for /dev/vzfs”

If you see error message like this trying to manage users’ quotas inside a VE:

edquota: Can’t write quota for 32063 on /dev/vzfs: No such process
Resetting quota for admin2 to 0 Meg….Done

then probably its reason is that second-level quota limit is exceeded and user quotas above a limit were not loaded.

Please increase QUOTAUGIDLIMIT parameter value for a VE to the number
which is greater than sum of users and groups created (or supposed to be created) in a VE.

This command will show you current usage of second-level quotas in a VE #101, you may run it on a hardware node:
# wc -l /vz/root/101/etc/{passwd,group}
95 /vz/root/101/etc/passwd
107 /vz/root/101/etc/group
202 total

You may increase QUOTAUGIDLIMIT parameter using ‘vzctl’ utility on a node:
# vzctl set 101 –save –quotaugidlimit 210

To apply changes it is required to restart VE:
# vzctl restart 101

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