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Posted by sibu on March 10, 2009

Screen Command

Using screen command we can run multiple full-screen pseudo-terminals from one real terminal, and letting you manipulate and save your screen input and output, copy and paste between windows, etc.

1)Create a screen using the command
#screen -S sibu

2)Close the shell without logout

3)Open a new shell

4)Type screen -ls

[root@cochin1 ~]# screen -ls
There are screens on:
16921.123sn (Dead ???) (Attached)
5002.sibu (Attached)

Remove dead screens with ’screen -wipe’.
3 Sockets in /tmp/screens/S-root.

5)You can login to that screen using the command screen -r ’screen name’

[root@cochin1 ~]# screen -r 5002.sibu
There is a screen on:
5002.sibu (Attached)

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