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Posted by sibu on April 16, 2009

Private Nameserver Setup.

1.Register the domain name you would like to use. If you have already a domain name please create an account for this domain on server whm. This domain will be used as your nameservers.                                eg and

2. Additional IPs

Have 2 available IP addresses for your server that aren’t in use. currenlty only one ipaddress is configured on the whm that is
You might have got a range of ip address with the server. please let us know the range of ipaddress we will add those ipaddress to this server.

3. Registering the Nameservers

Now login to your domain management page for the domain you registered and register and as nameservers (registries normally have a special facility for doing that). The registry may also have a facility to propogate these nameservers around the foreign registries - if so, you should use this facility.

It may take upto 24 hours the nameserver propagation. once you done this you can configure this nameservers to your whm.

Go into WHM (Web Host Manager) and select Edit Setup from the Server Setup menu on the left. Enter in the Primary Nameserver field. Hit ‘Assign IP Address’, then hit ‘Add an A Entry for this nameserver’.
Repeat this process for the Secondary Nameserver field.

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