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Posted by sibu on October 17, 2009

Options Directive

Using this Options directive controls  we can set server features  for a particular directory.

Options  can be set to None, in which case none of the extra features are enabled.

All :

All options except for MultiViews. (Default Settings).

ExecCGI :

Execution of CGI scripts using mod_cgi is permitted.

FollowSymLinks :

The server will follow symbolic links in this directory.

Includes :

Server-side includes provided by mod_include are permitted.

Indexes :

If the directory does not contain any  DirectoryIndex (e.g., index.html) in that directory, then mod_autoindex will return a formatted listing of the directory.

MultiViews :

Content negotiated “MultiViews” are allowed using mod_negotiation.

You have to be very care full while using + and - symbols with Options

For example, without any + and - symbols:

<Directory /home/sibu>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

<Directory /home/sibu/test>
Options Includes

then only Includes will be set for the /home/sibu/test directory.

If the second Options directive uses the + and - symbols:

<Directory /home/sibu>
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

<Directory /home/sibu/test>
Options +Includes -Indexes

then the options FollowSymLinks and Includes are set for the /home/sibu/test directory.

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